Hello and Merry Christmas! In order to make it easier on you this Christmas I have decided to compile my favorite supplements of 2017! This should make it easy to provide that special someone with some proven workout supplements! Just like every other gift, choosing the right supplement can be hard, so check out this list and make sure that you choose the right supplement for your loved one. In this list I will provide my favorite choices for the different workout supplements. I will also include a short description of each product and why each supplement is beneficial to a workout! (Click on the products name for full descriptions)

Hands down, pre-workout is my favorite supplement. On days where I lack motivation or energy pre-workout comes in handy. Its full of stimulants, ingredients to increase blood flow, and it also increases focus. I always enjoy a nice pre-workout cocktail before a gym session.

I may be a bit bias on this one because this was the first ever supplements I reviewed for my website. That being said, I still love this pre-workout. I received it in a mystery box deal, and at first I was upset, but that was because I had never heard of it before, and I was hoping for a specific pre-workout at the time. However, after using it I couldn’t have been happier. It has everything you can want in a pre-workout. BCAAs, L-Citrulline, Betaine, Beta-Alanine, Creatine, and even coconut water powder to add extra hydration.


A good protein powder is always useful. After a workout, during your anabolic window, is the best time to take your protein. Your body will absorb and use this protein in this 20-45 minute period after your workout. It is easier to consume a protein shake after a workout then to rush home and cook a full meal. Protein shakes are also a great snack throughout the day, or at night before bed.

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder
This protein has been my go-to for a half a year or so. It is fairly inexpensive, but it is a complex protein and it has 6 different types of protein. This means you can take this protein any time and it will be beneficial. The different types of protein get absorbed by the body differently. After a workout is when you need protein that is absorbed quickly. Later at night and while you’re asleep a protein that is absorbed slowly is best. The thing I like about Combat Protein is it has both!

Base Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
BCAAs are something I just recently added to my workout stack, and I love them. BCAAS consist of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These 3 are essential amino acids, which means the body does not produce them naturally. The reason they are beneficial for us workout junkies is because during exercise, the amino acids are converted into energy. This saves our body from burning muscle as energy. Also, after a tough workout BCAAs will decrease soreness, which is the main reason I take them religiously.

I haven’t written a full review on this one yet, but this one is my favorite BCAA. It has a super strong taste, which deterred me at first. However, I learned with the peach mango flavor half a scoop tastes delicious. This actually became very beneficial because I got to drink two a day! If you don’t know, I really like to drink my pre-workout and BCAAs for enjoyment, which is why I always refer to them as cocktails. MYAMINOBOOST is also is full of important ingredients like potassium, coconut water power, and other amino acids.

Maltodextrin by MyProtein

This fast absorbing carbohydrate is perfect for bulking season. I literally have added this to everything. I add it to my pre-workout, BCAAs, and even my protein. During bulking season it is hard to get all of your calories in and this powder carbohydrate helps immensely. Since it is fast absorbing, your body turns it into energy right away, so my favorite time is to take it with my pre-workout.