XS Intense pre-workout is the pre-workout that I personally use. I really like it because it doesn’t have a lot of caffeine (something I’m trying to cut back on), no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, it is perservative free, gluten free, and non-gmo. It was designed in California to cut back the rest time needed for Olympic athletes. It’s a great and healthy pre-workout which is why I use it.

XS pre-workout only comes in one flavor: Citrus Burst. It’s taste profile is a lot different from a lot of other pre-workouts. Since it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners it is more tart then sweet. Which at first, to me, didn’t sound that great, however it’s a pleasant change compared to the overly sweetened pre-workouts. It mixes extremely well and doesn’t leave grittiness at the end. It’s easy to tell the flavor is citrus burst, and it leaves a tingly sensation on your tongue.

I think my favorite thing about XS is the 3.2g of beta-alanine and the 20mg of Niacin that give a killer tingle/itch. I always like to put out that I love that “the pre-workout just kicked in” feeling, and with XS I get plenty of it. Also, like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have a lot of caffeine, only 100mg, but it is naturally occurring caffeine and with the beta-alanine and niacin it gives me plenty of a pump to get through my workouts. XS also contains rhodiola which an herb proven to reduce fatigue from stressful situations.