With a name like Total War, much was expected from this pre-workout. I was expecting a ton of energy, a ton of tingles, and a bad ass workout. Of course I was going to use it for leg day, because who doesn’t need a little extra energy on the worst/best day.


I got the chance to try Total War’s fruit punch pre-workout. The first thing I noticed was how sweet it was. It actually had that fruit punch taste I was hoping for. It suggests to take with with 4-6oz of cold water, but I would recommend using a little more to make sure it all dissolves. My roommate tried blue lemonade and said it was amazing. They also have 10 other flavors including things like : Tiger’s Blood, Rock Candy, Root Beer, and Sour Gummy Bear. I have to say I will be trying a couple of these!


Like I stated earlier, I was expecting a big pump from Total War, and with 3.2g of beta-alanine, 250mg of caffeine anhydrous, and 1g of taurine I can not say I was disappointed. I took it after work before hitting the gym for leg day. It gave me enough energy to push through each of my exercises, and kept me focus the whole time. The one thing I was missing was the tingly feeling a lot of pre-workouts give. I think I like it just because it tells me when the pre-workout hits. However, just because it doesn’t give the “pre-workout itch” doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use it again. I plan to try some of their cool flavors next time!













*This is an affiliate review.