Overall I enjoyed my trial of The Ripper. It is very comparable to Oxyshred, but it is only a fraction of the price. It is manufactured by Cobra Labs who make one of my favorite preworkouts, the Curse. I went into my trial with high expectations because of my experience with the Curse and I was not disappointed with this supplement.


The Ripper actually surprised me with the “kick” it had to it. I took it, as suggested, in the morning right when I woke up before breakfast, so I had an empty stomach. It didn’t take long before I was feeling tingly, and by the time I had eaten breakfast I was ready to go to the gym for leg day. I’m assuming all the energy it gave came from the 3055mg of muscle fuel that contains: beta-alanine, guarana extract, raspberry keystones, and caffeine(200mg). It’s a thermogenic so it’s going to also contain Cobra Labs shred matrix, which you can see in detail down below on the nutritional facts.


Drinking the Ripper was actually pleasant. I had the pineapple flavor and if I were to purchase more I think I would have to stick to it. It is super sweet, which I really like because it gives me an alternative to sodas and other juices that I normally would drink for enjoyment. The powder mixes really well. Even at the end,where most supplements get that gritty texture, the Ripper does not.













*This is an affiliate review.