Super HD is the first fat burner pill I have taken. I was taking it before me and my roommates went to the Hangout Music Festival, in Alabama, at the beginning of summer. So obviously we had to look good for the girls, and I was hoping it would help supplement my cut. It worked great! In all honesty it was the best I have ever looked while at the beach.


Now I want to get this out at the beginning. Even though I looked my best at the beach it wasn’t just because I was taking Super HD. I was following a strict cutting diet, recording everything I was eating, and in the gym every day (obviously not everyday, but most everyday). With that out of the way, when you do follow that type of regimen and pair it with Super HD you can’t be anything but happy with the results. It has Thermoslim, which is Cellucor’s appetite suppressor, green tea extract to boost metabolism, rhodiola and caffeine to increase energy and focus, and Amla fruit extract and toothed clubmoss to support things like memory and concentration. So yes, it is a thermogenic, but it has many other attributes. I took the capsules so I cannot attest to the powder, but if it has the same stuff in it you will not be disappointed.













*This is an affiliate review.