The first time I heard of OxyShred, by EHP Labs, it was because of my roommate, Jesse, he is an EHP fanatic. His closet is full of their empty tubs, and for good reason EHP Labs is an awesome supplement company. I noticed OxyShred in particular, because every morning I would walk up the stairs and Jesse would be sipping on a shaker cup full of OxyShred. So, finally I asked him whats the whole deal was with him and OxyShred. He enthusiastically explained that every morning he woke up, drank his OxyShred, and by the time he got out of the shower he was energized for the day. He also mentioned that it helped during his cut because it was a thermogenic as well. Obviously I had to try it, so the next morning he let me have a scoop for my morning ride to work. Ever since I’ve been a fan of OxyShred.


My favorite thing about OxyShred is that it is a thermogenic, and it packs a lot of energy. Enough so my roomate uses it during his cutting weeks as preworkout. The suggested use is to take it twice a day. Once in the morning right when you wake up, and again later in the afternoon. I highly reccomend listening to and following this suggestion because your mornings will change drastically. I didn’t believe it until he let me try it, but when I woke up and took a scoop, like he said I didn’t even have a chance to get out to my car before I was wide awake and in a great mood. That’s how I stayed for the whole work shift and I got to tell you it was awesome. He has also let me take it as a preworkout and since it is just a thermogenic it didn’t give me that that pump I was looking for during my workout. However, if you pair it which a non-stimulant preworkout the result is a great workout pump.


I wish I could give y’all something negative about OxyShred , but you won’t find it in the section. EHP Labs suggests to take it with 10oz of water, but I always like to add more water just so that I can sip on it longer. OxyShred is absolutely delicious and it’s hard to beat. They have 6 different flavors, and between the strawberry kiwi and guava paradise I couldn’t tell you which to choose. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed in OxyShred.














*This is an affiliate review.