Even when I was young I remember seeing Hydroxycut commercials on TV. This was before I knew anything about dieting, nutrition, or even working out. I always thought, “wow a pill that will make me not fat? I’m gonna try that one day”. Of course this was back when I could eat a whole hibachi plate of my own and the rest of my siblings’, and it showed. Now that I’m a little older and more knowledgeable about the subject at hand I thought it would be a good chance to try it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they had a powder and so I have been taking the capsules.


When reviewing thermogenics I like to start by making it clear that these are supplements and not magic pills. What I mean by that is these are meant to supplement a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If you aren’t doing those two things then the results you see will be minimal from products like Hydroxycut. However, if you are doing those things and would like to speed up the fat burning process thermogenics can be a tool for your success. My first impression of hardcore elite is how potent it is. One serving (2 capsules) has 270mg of caffeine anhydrous, and for this reason I highly recommend following with the suggested directions in order to determine your tolerance. I found that if I took more then one capsule in the morning I’ll feel sick until about lunch, so just make sure to ease into it and learn what is best for you.
















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