I picked up BPI from GNC on my way to the gym, so I was in a hurry. I have used their 1.M.R. pre-workout so I knew they were a good brand, but I didn’t realize Pump HD was a non-stimulant “pump” pre-workout. Which I have no excuses for the name actually has pump in it. When I got home my roommate pointed out, to my dismay, that it had no caffeine in it. Since I needed  pre-workout I wasn’t as upset, but had I known I probably would have made a different choice.


First off, Pump HD is not a bad pre-workout. I just prefer the energy levels that caffeine provides. I think that this would be a good beginner pre-workout for someone who is not use to the caffeine consumption you normally get from a pre-workout. Also, it is missing out on beta-alanine, which increases muscular endurance. Since it is missing out on those two things I’ve just been taking a scoop of it along with my pre-workout for an additional pump.


I have the blueberry lemon freeze flavor and it is absolutely delicious. It tastes like a blue raspberry lemonade, and I find myself drinking it out of enjoyment. The only thing I do not like about it is that it doesn’t dissolve completely. Therefore, it can have a gritty after taste.













*This is an affiliate review.