**This review was written by my roommate Jesse.


Overall I was very pleased on EHP Labs Beyond BCAAs. This was not the first product from EHP Labs that I’ve ordered so I was holding a high standard and the beyond BCAAs met every standard. For effectiveness I would say it does its job and has a good amount of branch chain amino acids (BCAA). I’m not one that can usually tell a difference in my soreness after taking a recovery drink but with EHP Labs I think I noticed a difference and was able to have less downtime between workouts. Overall I would give the product an 8/10 just because I’m not a huge fan of amino supplements to begin with.

I have only had the pineapple flavor so far just because the taste is so amazing and pleasant. If I ever craved a sweet drink I would just go and drink the BCAAs because it was like drinking juice and mixed very well to the point where you didn’t even know it was made with powder. Ehplabs has a wide range of flavors in their supplements and they are all delightful including the pineapple beyond BCAAs.












*This is an affiliate review.