1.M.R. Vortex is one of BPI Sport’s intense pre-workout powders. I have been a huge fan of BPI Sports, and I enjoy some of their other products like, Best Creatine and Best BCAAs. So, I was super excited to give 1.M.R Vortex a try. It is marketed as a super intense and powerful pre-workout, so I prepared myself for that before I took it. However, I didn’t get those feelings after I took it.


Like every other BPI Sport supplement I have take I tried the Blueberry Lemon Ice flavor. The flavor is amazing. It tastes like I’m drinking a blue lemonade, but the solubility is poor. It is suggested to be taken with 6-8 oz of cold water. I used around 10oz and it still didn’t mix well. From the first sip, to the last sip I found myself grimacing from the grittiness. Next time I use 1.M.R. I think I will go with 4-6oz. This way I can chug it and skip the poor solubility.


Unfortunately, I don’t have much good to say in the performance aspect either. Now, this is all based on my personal preference, but I like my pre-workouts to have a kick in them, and to offer the tingly sensation. 1.M.R. is missing out on beta-alanine which is where the “tingles” come from. However, 1.M.R. does have a decent amount of caffeine, 300mg to be exact. This is where most of its “pump” comes from. So 1.M.R. is just missing some of the ingredients I like to have in my pre-workouts.













*This is an affiliate review