In this video I go over the supplements I am taking for my bulking season. Below I will include an outline of the video in order to make it easier to follow along.



1. Maltodextrin- From MyProtein, it is a carbohydrate drink mix. One serving (50g) has 48g of fast absorbing carbs. It is good before a preworkout mixed with pre-workout to add energy to your workout. It is also beneficial to mix with a protein powder during bulk season to increase carbohydrate intake. It is a super thin white powder that mixes well in water, and it is derived from corn starch so it has a sweet taste. Maltodextrin by My Protein


2. Protein- Combat Protein by MusclePharm is the current protein I am taking. One serving (34.9g) has 25g of protein. Combat Protein is low in fat (1.5g) and carbs (5g). It is a complex protein formula with 6 different types of protein sources. The difference between the different protein sources is how quickly (or slowly) the body absorbs the protein. With a complex formula I don’t have to worry about different types of protein powders, and taking them at certain times of the day. This protein mixes well in water or milk and comes in many different flavors. My favorite is the Cookies and Cream!


3. Pre-workout- By far my favorite workout supplement. My pre-workout has always helped me to work harder and push past my pain. Since the video I’ve switched up my pre-workout up and I currently am taking Breaking Point. There are many good pre-workouts out there, just make sure to look for the key ingredients like: caffeine, citrulline malate, and beta-alanine. Some favorites of mine are below.

4. Base Chain Amino Acids– These have a couple benefits to us workout fanatics. Firstly, BCAAs will be used as energy by the muscles because they simplify the process of converting amino acids into energy. They also help with muscle recovery, and fight away the soreness after a hardcore workout. I currently am taking My Amino Complex by My Protein.


5. Creatine- Creatine is always under speculation, but from experience creatine has only been beneficial to me. The muscles keep a store house of creatine. They then use it to create ATP, which is the energy currency in our cells. You may have heard of creatine loading, this is when you take creatine in large doses for a week to saturate the muscles. However, I have never found it necessary. The recommend dosage is around 5g per day, and that is what I stick to. Just make sure to stay hydrated because creatine pulls water into the muscles. Below are some of my favorite creatines.



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